All work and no play makes Kelly a dull girl

 SNOW DAYS!!! The bane of my existence! When our local news channel flashes the school closings across the bottom of the television screen, it seems like everyone in our house is waiting with bated breath to see if our county will be closed.  Of course the kids are hoping they will get a day off of school but me on the other hand, I’m praying for the opposite.  After all, let us not forget what happens to families that are trapped indoors due to snow

Need I say more?

So, when schools were closed for TWO WHOLE DAYS last week, I have to admit, I was less than thrilled.  It’s one thing for the kids to be home all day, everyday during the summer, THAT I can handle.The possibilities for outdoor activities are endless when it’s warm and sunny outside but, of course, that’s not the case on snow days. On snow days you spend at least 20 minutes getting your child bundled up to go outside just so they can spend all of 15 minutes in the snow, turn around and come right back inside because it’s “too cold”, which then leads to another 20 minutes of unbundling (which is much worse because everything is soaking wet).  Now, if this whole process was a once a day occurrence, well then maybe I wouldn’t hate snow days so much but OF COURSE, it usually ends up being more of a five or six times a day occurrence and in the word’s of one Ms. Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”.

As if the whole bundle/unbundle process isn’t bad enough, add in the fact that it’s impossible to clean the house because of the mud and water that seems to constantly get tracked across every inch of flooring.

Regardless of my disdain for snow days, I did enjoy getting to watch LB and RB play out in the snow together (without fighting). They built a snow man, and had snow ball fights, and had a big ol’ time slipping and sliding down our driveway. Baby DB and I of course watched everything from the window in the dining room where it was quiet and warm.


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