Teacher Workday

Last Friday LB and RB were out of school due to a teacher workday. While I’m not usually a big fan of teacher workdays, I decided this one was going to be different, we were actually going to get out and do something.

First thing in the morning LB and baby DB both had check-ups at the pediatrician (who knew you could schedule one appointment for multiple kids to be seen? I sure didn’t). Since this was baby DB’s 12 month check up, he had to be subjected to the torture of receiving FIVE shots, AND two finger pricks!! I HATE these types of visits, needless to say Baby DB didn’t care for it either.
LB on the other hand, didn’t have to get any shots but did get the flu mist. OK, now Stop (collaborate and listen) for a second. Whos bright idea was it to create a flu “mist”? I understand that it’s less painful than having the vaccine injected into your arm but, the pain only lasts for a second, it’s not that big of a deal. My problem with the mist is that after having it squirted up the nose, you’re told not to blow your nose for at least 30 minutes. Um…….HELLO!?! You really think you can tell a kid NOT to do something and expect them to listen? Especially when it’s something that makes you feel like you NEED to blow your nose.
Maybe other kids listen better than my kids, I don’t know, but surprisingly LB did in fact listen this time. I was very proud, he didn’t blow his nose.
He did however proceed to hock up a huge ball of mucus ( which I’m sure included the entirety of the vaccine) and spit it in the bushes as SOON as he walked out of the office. “Are you KIDDING me?” was all I could say in response, and of course, LB just looked at me innocently and replied “What? I had a nasty taste in my mouth” ME:  ” Yeah, THAT was the medicine you just snorted up your nose.” LB: ” Well, they didn’t say I couldn’t spit and I didn’t blow my nose so it’s all good mom.” and of course RB, always there to defend his brother chimed in with “It’s really the truth mommy, he didn’t blow. I watched him the whole time.” How could I argue with that? He had followed directions, and his brother was his witness.
 So,anyway,  after our eventful visit to the doctor, we met up with a group of people from our church to shop for items to take to the children and families at the N.C. Baptist children’s home. I explained  to the boys what we were shopping for and how God wants us to take care of those less fortunate the way he has taken care of us.  I will admit that I was a little nervous that RB would end up picking something out that HE wanted and then pitch a fit when he had to hand it over but, I’m proud to say no one begged for anything! Now did they behave in the process? If you don’t count the launching of rolls of pantyhose across the aisle,and the  shopping cart races with RB standing in front shouting “I’M A PRINCESS, I WEAR AN ELECTRIC PINK DRESS” (NO, my son does not in fact think he’s a princess. It’s from a song we heard on the Disney channel), then yeah, sure, they behaved like little angels.
After the shopping excursion, once we got to the Children’s home, I will say that I was genuinely proud of as well as impressed with how the kids behaved. They helped unload everything that was bought, and they were courteous and attentive when they met some of the residence. At the end of the day I was really grateful for all that the kids and I had experienced.  I think the kids enjoyed the day as well. I think baby DB even enjoyed the time he got to spend with his brothers, despite the brutal stabbing he was forced to endure ( yes, I know they were only shots, I tend to be a bit over dramatic). So, in the end, I would definitely count this as one of the most successful and pleasant workdays yet. We all made it home alive, and we were able to give back in the process.

From left to right: Baby DB (in the basket), RB, LB in the back, and one of our church friends

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