Will these games EVER end?


Since 1924, the world has come together to honor athletics in a little event we all know as the Winter Olympic games.

Every four years, we as not only a nation, but as a world entire (well, not exactly the WHOLE world participates, I believe there are 204 recognized Olympic nations) come together to celebrate our common love of sports.


WHO GIVES A FLYIN’……..PUCK( yeah, that’s a hockey reference for all you sports illiterates)?!?

Why are these games such a big freakin’ deal?

and more importantly, why do they have to interrupt our “regularly scheduled programming” for OVER two weeks so that we all have no choice BUT to watch the games?

Now, before anyone starts hatin’, let me say that I do enjoy watching the summer Olympics.

Mainly because there’s such a wide array of sporting events that are covered in the summer Olympics. Note the variety in the chart below:

Not only do you have sports like Football, gymnastics, tennis, and golf, but you also have events that you don’t see very often like rowing, and table tennis!

Now, let’s look at a list of the sports featured in the winter Olympics shall we?

Anyone besides me notice that the majority of the winter sports involve going down hills of snow, or around ice rinks?


and WHY do you have to cancel Dr. Phil for OVER TWO WEEKS to air the stupid games?

Look, I know there are people out there who are thrilled that there’s been down hill sled riding and cross country skiing and target shooting on television nonstop, but I, my friends, am NOT one of those people.

As a stay at home mom, who doesn’t get out much (or ever really), I like to spend what little “down time” that I do have watching shows that I like.

It’s my way of escaping reality for just a little while.

Is that asking too much?

I don’t think it is.

There are SO many channels on TV these days that are nothing but SPORTS channels.

Would it REALLY be THAT bad of an idea to air the Olympics on one of those channels?

I think it’s great that we (the world) are able to unite in brotherhood and respect, all in the name of sports


PLEASE, give me back my Law & Order SVU and my Dr. OZ!!!

My sanity depends on it!


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